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How to organize a "Motion to Compel Arbitration" in CA Superior Court

Nov 30, 2018 6:17:45 PM / by davidtrellis

How did you write your last “motion to compel arbitration”? Trellis analyzed tentative rulings from judges across California and we found that judges prefer this outline when writing the motion....

I. Intro

II. Statement of Facts

III. Legal Analysis

     a. Applicability of FAA

     b. Agreement to Arbitrate

     c. Agreement Not Unconscionable

          1. NOT Procedurally Unconscionable

          2. NOT Substantive Unconscionable

     d. Class Arbitration

     e. PAGA

     f. Matter should be stayed

IV. Conclusion

Our CEO, Nicole Clark, used Trellis to write better motions while she was an attorney at Newmeyer & Dillion. She won every motion for two years.

Trellis makes over a decade of California Superior Court records searchable for the first time. Instead of researching a matter in the abstract, see what your judge actually thinks.

Written by davidtrellis

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