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Lawyers: Screw Email

Dec 5, 2018 12:12:49 PM / by davidtrellis

Legal research is powerful. It’s the lifeblood of a case. It can shape an argument, improve a motion, and win credibility with clients.

Sadly, the best option is often a haphazard company-wide email desperately requesting information on a judge. At best you get kinda-helpful anecdotal info from a colleague who appeared before your judge too many years ago.

Finding accurate, organized, helpful information, quickly, is a surefire way to unlock potential. That's what makes a powerful search engine like Google valuable. Providing a user with accurate relevant content can make or break their experience.

To those very lawyers, looking for organized, accurate, helpful information on a moment's notice, Trellis provides that value. In fact, no legal research search engine comes close, when it comes to local level information.

Having access to how judges ruled on a motion and how they shaped their argument is game-changing. It’s thrilling to see our customers take a look at the value we provide and think to themselves, it's about time.

Written by davidtrellis

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