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What do cats, dogs, and legal motions have in common?

Dec 20, 2018 12:13:22 PM / by davidtrellis

Image of a dog and a cat

In two words, machine learning. To train a machine to identify pictures of dogs, you show it a ton of dog photos, and also show it a ton of photos where there are no dogs.

Why not approach motion writing the same way? To get better at writing a particular motion we’d take all examples of motions in that subject, along with the outcome, and find what makes a good, convincing motion.

Doing that today takes a lot of effort. First, you’d have to know all the cases in which your particular motion was present. Then you’d fetch each individual case through the Superior Court County Website (all the moving papers and tentative rulings for those motions along with the final rulings). Only after you’ve gathered all those documents could you then begin to painstakingly sift through to uncover what was a winning motion.

Luckily -- with the data Trellis has access to today, and some help from machine learning, the hard work is done.

No more wondering which cases contain a specific motion. No more having to go to individual county websites. No more painstakingly gathering and sifting through disparate pieces of information.

Just search on Trellis and find relevant results. Simple. Easy. Powerful.


Written by davidtrellis

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