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Finding State Law Decisions on Trellis

Dec 7, 2018 11:10:48 AM / by epottenger

This quick guide will help you understand how to approach your online research regarding state law decisions. The case-finding tools on Trellis give you a variety of methods to find relevant cases. On the Home Page, you will find a search bar where you can search over 3,000,000 records. Also on the Home Page, under “Browse Trellis by Topic” you have the option to search by Dockets, Judges, Counties, or Parties.Image of Trellis home page

For example, an attorney who is investigating prior state law decisions regarding “Terminating Sanctions” can enter this phrase into the search bar and receive relevant cases. By selecting one of the “Filter Search” options, results can be further narrowed by county, judge, or by a period of time. If the judge in question has already seen a similar case, the ruling will be immediately available.

Image of Trellis search results

Having access to this information is invaluable, but Trellis doesn’t just give you access to relevant cases, it makes them actually accessible. By simply searching for keywords, you can discover information that is both pertinent and hyper-specific. Sit back, and let the program weed through millions of results to find exactly what you are looking for.

Written by epottenger

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