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Research your judge's background

Jan 25, 2019 5:49:50 PM / by davidtrellis

Let's say you're planning to file a motion in state court. You'll have to tell your client about the judge, and you'll want to know how to tailor your motion. With Trellis you can get your judge's bio and a statistical breakdown of the judge's rulings.

Sign into On the home page choose the "Judges" button. Enter the last name of the judge in the search box on the right. Click on the judge you are researching. Voila!

Image of Trellis search results for judge biographies

You'll get the judge's career history, political affiliation if available, clerk and filing contact info, links to all applicable local/department rules, and courtroom specific procedural and evidentiary guidelines. No more fiddling around with websites, no more reliance on emails from other attorneys.

You now know your judge's background. You have to know how she rules.

AI-powered analytics on Trellis provide never before seen insight into how each judge rules on specific motions. You'll also see where the judge’s rulings are an outlier within the county and state.

To see the analysis click on the "Judicial Strategy Report" button at the top of the judge's profile.

You will get a printable analysis of her rulings on dispositive motions, discovery motions, discovery, sanctions, and a variety of other matters.

Image of a Judicial Strategy Report

Set your clients' expectations and build confidence before you bring your motion.

Written by davidtrellis

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