Nicole Clark CEO of Trellis Legal Intelligence Returns

If you haven’t heard of Trellis Legal Intelligence, Trellis.Law for short, we recommend you start paying attention. This legaltech startup is on fire! With more than $6M in funding and famed board member and venture capitalist, David O. Sacks on board, we’re expecting continued explosive growth for this company.

If you want to experience the most powerful legal research and analytics platform designed specifically for state court practitioners, we recommend you give this software a try. There are dozens of other platforms focused on federal practice, but we know of no other companies focused where most lawyers practice… State court!

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Episode 33: Nicole Clark, Dorna Moini, Jacqui Schafer – The Portia Podcast

In this episode, M.C. Sungaila interviews an esteemed panel of female legal tech founders: Nicole Clark of Trellis Research, Inc., Dorna Moini of Documate, and Jacqueline Schafer of Clearbrief. They discuss their respective businesses and the pain points that pushed them to move from law into the legal tech space. This standout trio is working on ways to use emerging tech to accelerate court processes, and impact access to justice. Tune in for practical tips and insights from the ones paving the way in the tech industry, where female founders still face significant barriers.

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Searching The Unknown Reaches Of The State Docket




Intro: Welcome to Thinking Like a Lawyer with your hosts Elie Mystal and Joe Patrice talking about legal news and pop culture all while thinking like a lawyer, here on Legal Talk Network.

Joe Patrice: Hello and welcome to another edition of Thinking Like a Lawyer. I am Joe Patrice from Above the Law, coming to you with a brand new microphone that has already crashed the computer once so there is no telling what will happen in the next few minutes, but we are hopeful that this is going to work for the rest of the go.

As you may have been following on Above the Law, we have been busily covering law firm layoffs and Bar exam changes and so on, but we are going to talk about something a little bit different today, something a little bit more hopeful. We are going to talk about some new services that are out there that can help out lawyers.

But before we do I want to focus on a different service out there to help lawyers, which is to say, trying to cut costs? You are not alone. In today’s climate a five-figure e-discovery bill per month is steep. Don’t pay that. Use Logikcull to reduce expense and control your discovery process. Get started today for only $250 per matter and they will waive migration costs from competing platforms. For more information, visit

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