Contract Management Software for a Growing Legal Practice

Our CEO Nicole Clark shares recent #ContractManagementSoftware developments and takes a look in this new Attorney at Work article at some of the products LexionJuroIcertiseBrevia and LinkSquares —already shaking up the #CLM legal industry. Check it out!

Discover how technologies like #AI and Natural Language Processing are helping #Lawyers confront the many challenges of #Contracts.

“Contracts are hard. Both ubiquitous and impenetrable, they are read by many and understood by few. The plain language movement has done little to simplify everyday legal contracts, which often contain center-embedded clauses filled with low-frequency jargon, passive-voice construction, and non-standard capitalization. Not only do these linguistic features make contracts difficult to understand, but they also make it hard for users to recall any of the information they spent hours devouring.”

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