Trellis 101: Boosting your CA State Court Win Rates with Legal Analytics

Trellis 101: Boosting Your CA State Court Win Rates with Legal AnalyticsLearn how to leverage legal analytics and perform strategic California state court research with Trellis

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Program Description
Join Trellis for an engaging webinar as they cover how legal analytics enables you to analyze the behavior and history of your judge, competitive counsel, prospects and clients to gain crucial insights into litigation history and ruling tendencies. They’ll show you how to leverage California state trial court – and verdict – data to be more efficient, more proactive, and achieve better results for your clients. You’ll learn how to maximize legal analytics to gain a competitive advantage, win cases and bring in more money when litigating in California state trial courts.

Topics will include:
Judge Analytics and Ruling History
Drafting Stronger Motions, Faster
Case Valuation and Verdict Data
Strategic California State Court Research
Alerts – Stay Informed

About the Speaker Nicole Clark, Litigation Attorney & CEO of Trellis Research
Nicole Clark is a business litigation and labor and employment attorney who has handled litigation in both state and federal courts. She’s worked at a variety of law firms ranging from mid-size litigation boutiques to large firms, and is licensed to practice law in three states. She has defended corporations and employers in complex class action and wage and hour disputes, as well as individual employment matters ranging from sexual harassment to wrongful termination. Additionally, Nicole is the CEO and co-founder of Trellis Research, a legal analytics platform that uses AI and machine learning to provide litigators with strategic legal intelligence and judicial analytics. Nicole has an intuitive understanding of technology and is deeply committed to helping lawyers leverage technology to gain a competitive advantage and achieve a more favorable outcome for their clients.
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