December 2022 Newsletter

Hi Trellis Users,

Welcome to the December 2022 edition of TRELLIS NEWS! 

In this edition, we spotlight the “Top 5” of our ✨ new product releases to help you maximize your Trellis experience. 

For this month we will cover:

  • “Latest Judge News” Added to Trellis Judge Bios
  • Our New Drop Down Smart Search Feature
  • Setting Custom Dates for Your Search Results – Advanced Search Method
  • Setting Custom Dates for Your Search Results – Docket Filter Method 
  • Our Newest Texas County…Harrison!

We hope you find these tips helpful and interesting as you navigate our solution, while adding value to your practice. đź’Ż

Please click HERE to reach out if you have any questions or would like further information.  Would love to hear from you!  

“Latest Judge News” Added to Trellis Judge Bios

We added a new “Latest Judge News” feature to our judge biographies!  This feature integrates our judge matching logic to various newsfeeds in order to populate third party news articles related to your judge.

This features allows Trellis users to locate – in real time – the latest articles about their judge.

Take Judge Abby Abinanti as an example.When users visit her biography on Trellis, they can quickly scroll down to the Latest News section and learn about her recent role in honoring California Native American Day as a member of the Tribal Court-State Court Forum.

View Judge News on Trellis Judge Bios

New Smart Search Drop Down Feature

We released an updated Smart Search State Selection Drop Down Feature with “select all” states functionality. 

You can now view our covered states in two easy to view columns!

Search Trellis

How to Set Custom Dates for Your Search Results – Advanced Search Method 

You can add a date range for your search via the Advanced Search function.  The Advanced Search function is available both before and after you conduct a search.

If you want to add a date range before you conduct a search, simply click on the Advanced Search button underneath the Smart Search bar.  A drop down will appear, showing you 3 date options you can choose from: 

  1. Last 6 months;
  2. Last Year; or
  3. All Time.

After you’ve selected the time frame that you want and have entered the search terms, you can go back and click the magnifying glass or press enter to conduct the search in the selected time frame.

You can also do the steps above after a search has already been completed. The Advanced Search Button will be to the bottom right of the Smart Search bar.

Search Records on Trellis

How to Set Custom Dates for Your Search Results – Docket Filter Method

If you need a more specific date range, try this method.

After you’ve conducted your search, click on the Dockets Tab. If you follow the left column all the way down, you will see a way to filter by Case.

Click on the calendar icon and you will see a drop down. You can select from these date options:

  • All;
  • Last 30 Days;
  • Last 6 Months;
  • Last Year;
  • Last 2 Years;
  • Last 5 Years; or
  • Custom Range.

If you click on Custom Range, you can pick the dates between which you would like to search. After you’ve selected dates, click Apply, then click on Refine.  Your search will then be refreshed.

Search Records on Trellis

Harrison County Added to Our Texas Coverage

We began adding Harrison County to our Texas coverage!

We currently have 43 dockets and 553 docket entries available for Harrison County, TX. Use Trellis to browser state trial court records in Harrison County, uncovering key intelligence on: judges, opposing counsel, clients, motions, rulings, dockets and other legal issues.  

As with all our coverage, these numbers will increase as we add more and more records.  If there’s something you’re looking for that’s not showing up, just ask!  You can also wait and try again later, as we may have added it since you last searched.

View Harrison County Texas Coverage