January 2023 Newsletter

Happy New Year Trellis Users,

Welcome to the January 2023 edition of TRELLIS NEWS! 

In this edition, we spotlight the “Top 5” of our ✨ new product releases to help you maximize your Trellis experience. 

For this month we will cover:

  • Tracking Opposing Counsel with Alerts
  • How to….Research Settlements on Trellis
  • New State Added to Trellis: Minnesota 
  • Looking Up Information on Experts *Use Case*
  • Our Newest Michigan County…Macomb!

We hope you find these tips helpful and interesting as you navigate our solution, while adding value to your practice. 💯

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Tracking Opposing Counsel with Alerts

Did you know that you can use our Alerts feature to track your opposing counsel?

Step 1. Use the “Email Me New Cases For This Topic” Button Underneath the Smart Search Bar

Search for your opposing counsel’s firm or attorney name in the Smart Search bar.

Once you’re on the results page, click on the Email Me New Cases For This Topic button found underneath the search bar.

Step 2. Set an Alert directly from the Parties section

If you find a party you’d like to track from a Ruling, Docket, or Document, all you have to do is:

Click on this Email Me New Cases button. [Rulings & Documents]


Click on this Green Bell icon. [Dockets]

Step 3. Set an Alert from the Alerts Page

You can add an Alert directly from your Alerts page.

Set Alerts on Trellis

How To….Research Settlements on Trellis

Since class action settlements have to be approved by the court, Trellis is a great place to conduct settlement research, as we have over 100+ million field searchable documents!

How to do I research settlements on Trellis? 

To get started, click on the Smart Search page.

Next, dive deep by adding additional search items.  This will help filter the information you’re searching for.

Some class action cases may not appear in the Dockets tab, so be sure to also click on the Documents tab to find additional relevant cases.  You’ll notice that when you look through these Tentative Rulings, you will be able to find actual settlement figures.

Pro tips –

  • You may get better results by including the terms in the smart search bar rather than using the filters on the side column.
  • A great feature available on Trellis when searching in the state of California is access to Tentative Rulings.
    • You’ll notice that when you look through these Tentative Rulings that you will be able to find actual settlement figures.

Here are some helpful search examples:

motion approv* class action settlementmotion approv* class action settlement
Company AND “class action”Uber AND “class action”
Company AND settlementUber AND settlement
Company AND “class action settlement”Uber AND “class action settlement”
Law Firm AND “class action”“Lewis Brisbois” AND “class action”
issue AND “class action”“wage and hour” AND “class action”

Search Trellis

New State Added to Trellis: Minnesota

This means you can “Google” Minnesota state trial court records on Trellis to uncover key intelligence on: judges, opposing counsel, clients, motions, rulings, dockets and other legal issues.  


  • Counties Supported: All
  • Available Dockets: 1,011,154 and counting
  • Available Docket Entries: 31,918,287 and counting
  • Available Documents (Files): 3,708,746 and counting

Whether you want to understand how judges have ruled on similar motions, see how specific legal issues are decided, pitch clients or gain competitive insights on your opposing counsel … Trellis is now your source for strategic research in Minnesota..

View Trellis Minnesota Coverage

Looking up Information on Experts *Use Case*

If you’re looking for ways to look up information on experts on Trellis, try out these suggested search terms:

Expert Name:

full name
“full name”
[“first name” AND “last name”]
“last name first name middle initial”

In addition to searching for the expert’s name, try adding these search terms below with the AND connector.

“expert AND designation”
“expert AND witness”
“declaration AND expert”
expert witness AND disclosure
expert AND testimony
“motion in limine”
“in limine”

Pro Tip

Go through the results on the Documents tab to see if you can find expert testimony that has been attached as an exhibit to a motion.

If you are searching for whether testimony has previously been excluded, or whether an expert has been disqualified, try using these search terms below:

“in limine” AND expert
“motion to disqualify” AND expert
“motion to disqualif*”
“exclude expert testimony”
“exclude expert”

Search Experts on Trellis

Macomb County Added to Our Michigan Coverage

We began adding Macomb County to our Michigan coverage!

We currently have 85 dockets and 499 docket entries available for Macomb County, MI. Use Trellis to browse state trial court records in Macomb County, uncovering key intelligence on: judges, opposing counsel, clients, motions, rulings, dockets and other legal issues.  

As with all our coverage, these numbers will increase as we add more and more records.  If there’s something you’re looking for that’s not showing up, JUST ASK!  You can also wait and try again later, as we may have added it since you last searched.

View Macomb County Michigan Coverage