November 2022 Newsletter

Hi Trellis Users,

Welcome to the November 2022 edition of TRELLIS NEWS! 

In this edition, we spotlight the “Top 5” of our ✨ new product releases to help you maximize your Trellis experience. 

For this month we will cover:

  • New States Added to Trellis: Arkansas, New Mexico and Oregon
  • Best Practices for Using Alerts on Trellis
  • Our Expanded IL Coverage + LIVE Cook County Docs
  • A “Show All Rulings Button” Added to Our Motion Pages
  • Our Newest Michigan County….Kent!

We hope you find these tips helpful and interesting as you navigate our solution, while adding value to your practice. 💯

Please click HERE to reach out if you have any questions or would like further information.  Would love to hear from you!  

Arkansas, New Mexico & Oregon Now on Trellis

This means you can “Google” ArkansasNew Mexico and Oregon state trial court records on Trellis to uncover key intelligence on: judges, opposing counsel, clients, motions, rulings, dockets and other legal issues.  


  • Counties Supported: All
  • Available Dockets: 1,292,543 and counting
  • Available Docket Entries: 162,445,578 and counting


  • Counties Supported: All  
  • Available Dockets: 507,511 and counting
  • Available Docket Entries: 8,514,099 and counting


  • Counties Supported: All  
  • Available Dockets: 438,399 and counting 
  • Available Docket Entries: 6,724,564 and counting

Whether you want to understand how judges have ruled on similar motions, see how specific legal issues are decided, pitch clients or gain competitive insights on your opposing counsel … Trellis is now your source for strategic research in Arkansas, New Mexico and Oregon..

Explore Arkansas, New Mexico, & Oregon Coverage

Using Alerts on Trellis: Best Practices

Are you an expert in a particular practice area?  Plugging in with Trellis alerts helps you keep your finger on the pulse of the latest legal issues.  Track new cases and topics to monitor how judges are ruling in real-time at the state trial court level.

Alerts on Trellis enable users to be notified as cases get filed across state trial courts:

  • By opposing counsel
  • Against your client
  • Before your judge

Being plugged in with Trellis alerts allow you to stay an expert in your practice area by tracking new rulings, watching how judges are ruling in real-time at the trial court level, and track your cases and topics across trial courts.

You can also share or set alerts for others and advise your clients early to help them avoid exposure and reduce risk.  

Learn more about Trellis Alerts

9 New Illinois Counties (& LIVE Cook County Docs!) Added to Trellis

We expanded our Illinois coverage beyond Cook County to now also include: DuPage, Kane, Kankakee, Macon, Madison, McHenry, Peoria, Sangamon, St. Clair and Tazewell Counties.  

What’s more, we are now live (!) with Cook County, IL documents for Trellis users using the same process as LASC document requests.

Cook County documents are free to request as long as the Trellis user has document requests available in their account (the quota is now shared between LASC and Cook).

If document request limit is reached, Cook County, IL docs are available for purchase at $5/document.

View Illinois Coverage + Access Cook County Docs

Show All Rulings Button Added to Motion Pages

We added a “Show All Rulings Button” right onto our motion pages.  You can not dive into the judicial rulings associated with the motion you’re reviewing — all on the same page.

Peruse our motion pages for guidance where you’ll search next.

View Motion Pages on Trellis

Kent County Added to Our Michigan Coverage

We added Kent County to our Michigan coverage!

We currently have 579 dockets and 10,716 docket entries available for Kent County, MI. Use Trellis to browser state trial court records in Kent County, uncovering key intelligence on: judges, opposing counsel, clients, motions, rulings, dockets and other legal issues.  

As with all our coverage, these numbers will increase as we add more and more records.  If there’s something you’re looking for that’s not showing up, just ask!  You can also wait and try again later, as we may have added it since you last searched.  

View Kent County Michigan Coverage