October 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to the October 2022 edition of TRELLIS NEWS! 

In this edition, we spotlight the “Top 5” of our ✨ new product releases to help you maximize your Trellis experience. 

For this month we will cover:

  • Our Newly Released States: Michigan, Missouri, North Dakota, Oklahoma & Wisconsin
  • The Helpful Search Card Added to Judge Bio Pages
  • The New Case Refresh Feature
  • Our New Motion Type Dictionary
  • How to Find Templates in Our Brief Bank

We hope you find these tips helpful and interesting as you navigate our solution, while adding value to your practice. 💯

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Trellis Adds Michigan, Missouri, North Dakota, Oklahoma and Wisconsin State Trial Courts

This means you can now “Google” search MichiganMissouriNorth Dakota,  Oklahoma and Wisconsin state trial court records on Trellis to uncover key intelligence on: judges, opposing counsel, clients, motions, rulings, dockets and other legal issues.  


  • Counties Supported: 7 — Ingham, Montcalm, Oakland, Ottawa, Saginaw, Washtenaw and Wayne Counties
  • Available Dockets: 637,075 and counting
  • Available Docket Entries: 18,185,263 and counting


  • Counties Supported: All  
  • Available Dockets: 1,264,354 and counting
  • Available Docket Entries: 22,045,400 and counting
  • Available Documents (Files): 420,531 and counting


  • Counties Supported: All
  • Available Dockets: 529,496 and counting 
  • Available Docket Entries: 10,359,594 and counting 


  • Counties Supported: All  
  • Available Dockets: 858,256 and counting
  • Available Docket Entries: 13,967,534 and counting
  • Available Documents (Files): 2,445,043 and counting


  • Counties Supported: All
  • Available Dockets: 424,746 and counting
  • Available Docket Entries: 7,914,487 and counting 

Whether you want to understand how judges have ruled on similar motions, see how specific legal issues are decided, pitch clients or gain competitive insights on your opposing counsel … Trellis is now your source for strategic research in Michigan, Missouri, North Dakota, Oklahoma & Wisconsin practitioners.

View Our Coverage

Helpful Search Card Added to Judge Bios

Found a judge page on Trellis and not sure what to search next?  We’ve added a new search card to each judge in order to provide some useful recommendations for your next move.  

Glance at the example above.  You’ll see that our helpful search card shows that you can find legal issues and specific cases related to the Hon. Thomas R. Adams by using advanced searches.

Peruse our judge pages for ideas where you’ll search next.

View Our Judge Bio’s

New Case Refresh Feature

Our new case refresh feature is available for all logged in Trellis users. 

How does it work? 

This feature includes a new popup window at the bottom left of each docket page, showing a list of the cases you’ve requested a refresh.  As the case refresh is actively processing, you’ll see updated copy and status on the docket page itself. 

Refresh Your Cases on Trellis

Introducing our Motion Type Dictionary

Not sure how to draft your next motion? You’ve come to the right place! Our Motion Type Dictionary provides a general overview of each and every type of motion you’ll come across in your legal practice.

Whether you need a model of a Motion to Dismiss, a Motion for Sanctions, or a Motion to Bifurcate, we’ve got you covered!

Take a stroll through our Motion Type Dictionary. Have a look around and see just how useful it can be for your next case.

View Motion Type Dictionary

How to Find Templates in our Brief Bank

Tired of spending excessive hours on research in order to draft a motion from scratch? Kickstart your motion process by checking out the Documents Tab in our Smart Search feature. Here you’ll find successful examples of virtually every type of motion on every type of issue.

Search Examples:

“Motion Type”“Motion in Limine”
“Motion in Limine”“Summary Judgement” AND Fraud
“Motion Type” AND Case Dispositive Issues“Summary Judgement” AND “disability discrimination”
“Motion Type” AND “Specifics”“Motion to Compel” AND “sanctions”
“Motion Type” AND (“Specifics” OR “Specifics”)“Summary Judgement” AND (Memo OR “Proposed Order”)
Judge:last-name AND “Motion type” AND “Specifics”Judge:bachner AND “summary judgement” AND disability AND “reasonable accommodation”
Party:”party name” AND “Motion Type”Party: “lewis brisbois” AND “Attorney’s Fees”
“Motion Type” AND “Document Type”“Demurrer” AND “Memo”
“Motion Type” OR “Motion Type”“Summary Adjudication” OR “Summary Judgement”
“Motion Type” NOT “Specifics”“Motion to Quash Service” NOT Subpoena
“Rule/Code/Article Section”“Article 78 Petition”

Great uses for the Documents Tab search results: 

  • Identify what law a particular judge finds persuasive judge finds persuasive (see what motions and arguments proved successful in the past);
  • See what arguments opposing counsel has made on the same or similar issues;
  • Find templates for motions that need to be drafted;
  • Locate commonly attached exhibits for your motion type (ex. expert testimony attached to a motion in limine).
  • Try using shortened terminology to boost search results. For example. “memo” instead of “memorandum”.

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