September 2022 Newsletter

Hi Trellis Users,

Welcome to the September 2022 edition of TRELLIS NEWS! 

In this and upcoming editions, we’ll spotlight a “Top 5” of our ✨ newer product releases to help you maximize your Trellis experience. 

For this month we will cover:

  • Our New Features Page
  • How to Invite Team Members
  • Our Updated Motion Type Pages
  • 11 New Counties with Documents for Purchase
  • How to Generate a Judge Analytics PDF Report  

We hope you find these tips helpful and interesting as you navigate our solution, while adding value to your practice. πŸ’―

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New Trellis Features PageΒ Β 

Hop over toΒΒ to explore our revamped:

  • Case Search
  • Judge Analytics
  • Case Tracking
  • Legal Data API
  • Verdict Search
  • FAQ & more!

How toΒ Invite Your Team Members to Use TrellisΒ Β 

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How toΒ Invite Your Team Members to Use TrellisΒ 

Maximize your firm’s Trellis experience by inviting your colleagues to use Trellis. View the above step-by-step video to loop in your team.

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Updated Motion Type PagesΒ 

Our updated motion type pages can be consulted to break down exactly what you need to know when litigating in state trial court to effectively litigate certain causes of action, and common pre-trial motions. 

From legal thresholds being applied by judges to the most commonly cited case law, our updated motion type pages can help you write more persuasive motions, faster. For each motion(/issue), you’ll see examples of well thought out judicial analysis by current trial court judges that you can use as a primer to become an expert!

You can search across motions (and/or specific legal issues) pending throughout trial courts across the state and narrow recent cases by case type, venue, or judge to find exactly what you need.

View New Motion Type Pages

(11 New) Counties with Documents for Purchase on TrellisΒ 

Trellis users are able to currently purchase docs + access a growing crowd-sourced library of previously purchased docs on Trellis for these counties:

  • ARIZONA:  ALL Counties
  • CALIFORNIA: Alameda, Los Angeles*, Orange County, Riverside, Sacramento, San Bernardino, San Diego Counties
  • GEORGIA: Bartow, Bibb, Carroll, Cherokee, Clarke, Dougherty, Floyd, Jackson, Muscogee, Troup Counties (β˜† NEW β˜†)
  • PENNSYLVANIA: Philadelphia County (β˜† NEW β˜† )
  • WASHINGTON: King County

We enable our users to save time and pass-through costs.  Documents are received <2min; (+10 hrs non-billable time), with transparent pricing and monthly invoices available to support pass-through.  

Our available counties (and crowd-sourced library) for doc purchase are constantly growing, with many purchase-able docs that are already accessible.  What’s more, you’ll never pay for the same doc twice.   

*Trellis users may purchase Los Angeles Superior Court documents once their free request limit, if applicable to their subscription, is reached.  Just press “get document” and the filed document will be emailed to user.  That document will become searchable directly on our site.

Learn more

How to Generate…a Judge Analytics PDF Report!

For Judges that have Judge Analytics available, first, find the judge that you are looking for, then click on Generate Report, which can be found next to the Judge’s name on the top of the page.

You can change the Title and Description for your report in the text boxes. Beneath the text boxes you can toggle on and off whether you would like to include:

  • The Judge Bio;
  • The Judge At A Glance Page; 
  • A Display of the Motion Analytics;
  • Case Outcomes; and/or
  • Case Milestones.

For the Display of Motion Analytics, Case Outcomes, and Case Milestones sections, you can select up to 3 of each to include in your report. All you need to do is click on the desired motion type or practice area and then click on the top green arrow to transfer it to the list of items you would like included. 

After you have selected the desired fields, all you have to do is click on the Generate PDF Report button at the bottom of the page and it will automatically download to your computer.

The PDF will include the date the report was generated and a Table of Contents for easy navigation.

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