Trellis.Law – A Research Platform for Litigators That is Democratizing Access to the Law by Making State Trial Court Records and Legal Data More Accessible

Some of the Topics Covered by Nicole Clark in this Episode

  • What Trellis is
  • Nicole’s background as a litigator and the pain point that led to her start Trellis
  • From validating the idea by using the tool as a litigator to building it into a company and eventually going full time with Trellis
  • Deciding on and going through the Techstars accelerator
  • Jumping directly from her law career into the new venture and accelerator
  • Fundraising, from a friends and family round to closing a seed round and how the company evolved during the process
  • How Nicole flipped her mindset around the friends and family round
  • What keeps Nicole going through the “no”s of fundraising
  • The importance of building a good team and how Nicole went about it for Trellis
  • The evolution of the business model for Trellis
  • Leveraging SEO and creating a freemium product
  • Allocating resources to content creation and creating evergreen content
  • How Nicole approaches expanding into new markets and how the service functions today
  • The future of Trellis
  • How Nicole views the competition
  • How Nicole structures her days