A New Year Unfolds With Artificial Intelligence: Five Legal Tech Predictions for 2023

These legal tech predictions shine the light on ways AI-backed solutions will change the way legal services are delivered.

As the year comes to a close, the world looks quite different than it did in January. Constant uncertainty has become the new normal. Political turbulence, pandemic-era disruptions and rising inflation have pushed and pulled the legal sector in unforeseen ways. Fortunately, an ever-expanding array of technology solutions have already emerged to help attorneys navigate these new terrains.

Five Legal Tech Predictions

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Bruce’s Beach: A Case Study for Judicial Analytics Best Practices

There’s a narrow strip of land nestled in the South Bay of Los Angeles. The three-acre parcel overlooks the Pacific Ocean, sitting as the last remaining remnant of Bruce’s Lodge, the first African American beach resort on the West Coast. Bruce’s Lodge was built by Charles and Willa Bruce in 1912. It was the only beachfront destination in Los Angeles County where non-White members of the community could relax and unwind. That is, until 1924, when the City of Manhattan Beach seized the property and closed the resort, utilizing the power of eminent domain with plans to redevelop the land into a public park.

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Trellis – a Research Platform that Democratizes Access to Law.

Nicole Clark is the Co-Founder and CEO of Trellis, a state trial court legal research and analytics platform with AI-based insights on judges, opposing counsel, motions, dockets, and legal issues. They make state trial court data searchable and analyze it to give law firms insights into the way judges are ruling. Legal teams are able to “Google” search state trial court records and uncover key intelligence on opposing counsel, motions, rulings, dockets and other legal issues.

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