Forecasting the Forecasters: Upcoming Trends in Judicial Analytics

The pace of litigation is dizzying. The path of every single lawsuit is filled with multiple inflection points, moments where attorneys have to make decisions about how the future is likely to unfold. In the past, attorneys navigated these twists and turns by relying on intuition, experience and anecdotal evidence. But things are starting to change. Judicial analytics remains one of the last frontiers of Big Data, a field poised to fundamentally transform the way attorneys practice the law by quantifying the unquantifiable to unimaginable ends.

Starting From Scratch

AI-powered judicial analytics emerged from the frustrations of day-to-day life as an attorney. Every attorney knows that the details of a past case can provide invaluable insights into how they should position similar cases in the future. The problem, however, was that these insights were impossible to access, especially for attorneys at the state trial court level. There was no effective way to perform practical legal research on state trial court records. The data was dispersed across thousands of separate courthouses throughout the country, with each county in each state authoring its own protocols for collecting, cataloging, and publishing court documents.

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Trellis CEO Shares Access to the Law Through Data Insights on Legally Speaking Podcast

Trellis CEO Nicole Clark sat down with Legally Speaking Podcast Host Robert Hanna to share insights on accessing the law through data.

Catch Rob Hanna and Nicole talking about:

  • The significance of democratising access to the law
  • The California Bar and why it’s the hardest bar!
  • Problems with the #legal data and judicial system
  • The future of legal intelligence and #AI
  • How #judges have ruled on differentiating motions in different states
  • Why gaining strategic insight on opposing counsel can aid your argument

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