Newsworthy Labor & Employment Court Cases

This blog post will provide a comprehensive list of some of the most popular Labor & Employment court cases on Trellis.Law. The cases have been handpicked based on their relevance, impact, and significance in shaping the legal landscape of labor and employment laws. From high-stakes discrimination lawsuits to ground-breaking wage and hour class actions, this post will provide a glimpse into the most important cases and their outcomes.

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Newsworthy Tort Court Cases

Tort law covers a wide range of civil wrongs, including personal injury, property damage, and defamation. If you’re interested in learning more about this area of law and its impact on society, Trellis.Law is the perfect place to start. In this blog post, we will showcase a list of popular tort court cases that are available on Trellis.Law. These cases cover a variety of tort law topics and offer valuable insights into the legal system and the way it operates.

Case NameFiling DatePractice AreaStatus
Julie Mesker vs. Jacqueline Zavala-LopezSeptember 15, 2017TortsPost Judgement
Jane Doe vs. Rooster Teeth Productions LLC ,James HaywoodJanuary 05, 2022TortsOpen
Jane Doe vs. Ting Guo, Board of Regents of the University of California, DavisDecember 14, 2020TortsClosed
Rudio, Kenji Kawamura vs Sotomayor Cervantes, Jose AlbertoSeptember 01, 2020TortsStatistical Disposition 09/22/2020
Supermega Prod., Inc. vs Jackson TuckerMarch 28, 2022TortsRequest for Dismissal – Before Trial not following ADR or more than 60 days since ADR 11/22/2022
Trinidad Arizmendi v. Valerie CipollinaJanuary 06, 2021TortsDisposed
Carole Smith-Schneider v. Terese Ostrove, David S OstroveOctober 30, 2013TortsDisposed
Kelly Gribeluk v. Ira Bernstein, Albert Bernstein, Eileen Bernstein, James Forzano, Xcellent Movers, Emg Associates Inc-DbaFebruary 04, 2021TortsDisposed
Jeisohn Fiala v. Patricia Sylla M.D., The Mount Sinai Hospital, Icahn School Of Medicine At Mount SinaiJune 16, 2020TortsDisposed

Newsworthy Family Law Cases

From high-profile celebrity divorces to landmark cases that have shaped the law, these cases offer a glimpse into the complex and fascinating world of the US legal system. Whether you’re a student of law, a legal professional, or simply someone who is interested in current events, these cases provide valuable insights and lessons for everyone. Use Trellis.Law to gain access to a wide range of legal information and resources, including popular court cases related to family law.

Case NameFiling DatePractice AreaStatus
BEZOS VS BEZOSApril 04, 2019FamilyPending
PETITION FOR CHANGE OF NAME FOR NAOMI DEVASH DECHTERSeptember 13, 2018FamilyCourt Finding – (Granted) 01/31/2019
LA VS NOPJune 24, 2016FamilyUnclassified
SOPHIA BANKS-COLOMA VS MARCUS COLOMANobember 5, 2013FamilyStatistical Disposition 06/03/2014
TATJANA PATITZ VS JASON JOHNSONNobember 18, 2004FamilyStatistical Disposition 01/20/2005