Pre-Trial Cheat Sheet

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So far, we have covered:
– Pre-Trial
– Pleadings
– Trial Procedure 101
– How a Civil Case is processed
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Both sides gather evidence:

  • Depositions
  • Interrogatories
  • Document production
  • Examinations

Pre-Trial Motions

  • Discovery-related
  • P’s & D’s Motion for Summary Judgment: no genuine issue of material facts

Case Dismissed

Court grants defendant’s Motion for Summary Judgement

Judgement for Plaintiff

Court grants plaintiff’s Motion for Summary Judgement

Pre-Trial Conference

  • Trial dates, witnesses, exhibits
  • Mandatory Settlement Conference


Prior to founding Trellis, Nicole Clark was a business litigation and labor and employment attorney who handled litigation in both state and federal courts. She regularly represented multinational corporations in claims ranging from high-profile trade secret disputes to complex class-action litigation. Frustrated by sending internal emails and collecting anecdotes on judges in order to make strategic case recommendations, she built Trellis to solve her own need for access to data, information, and analytics at the state trial court level. Prior to law school, Nicole attended Bard College, beginning her college coursework at the age of sixteen. She graduated with honors from University of Massachusetts Amherst with a BA in Journalism, and received her Juris Doctorate from Rutgers School of Law in Newark, NJ. Nicole sat for the Bar Exam in California, Massachusetts, and Connecticut, and remains licensed to practice law in all three states.