🌱 Trellis Origin Story: CEO Nicole Clark Shares Inside Scoop on Lawyer Stories Podcast

The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 161 features Nicole Clark, Co-founder, CEO at Trellis, located in Los Angeles, California. 

In this podcast, Nicole shares her story and how the idea for Trellis was born late one night as Nicole was trying to write a complicated motion for summary judgment.

She didn’t know much about the judge assigned to the case, which left her unsure about how to structure the document.

A colleague let her browse through his old case files, where she stumbled upon a past ruling by her judge, on her issue, on her motion. It felt like finally having a detailed study guide to a final exam.

She won her motion for summary judgement, and everything changed. Nicole knew there was a massive opportunity and never looked back. And Trellis was born.

Listen in Here: https://tinyurl.com/37syevtx