Trellis’ Nicole Clark on Leveraging State Court Data for Competitive Advantage (TGIR Ep. 214)

The Geek in Review podcast hosts Marlene Gebauer (Assistant Director Innovation, Mayer Brown) and Greg Lambert (Chief Knowledge Services Officer, Jackson Walker LLP) interviewed our ⁠Nicole Clark⁠, CEO, about our new Law Firm Intelligence tool (LFI).

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“This tool allows law firms to analyze aggregated and normalized state trial court data to gain competitive intelligence across cases, practice areas, and performance. Collecting this unstructured data from county courts is very challenging but provides valuable business insights. The Law Firm Intelligence tool enables firms to identify growth opportunities, benchmark themselves, and drill down into the data to find strategic insights. Firms can slice and dice the data by region, practice area, time period, and other parameters to get to the most relevant information. LFI also gives litigators specific insights into judges, opposing counsel tactics, and case outcomes.

Trellis uses both technology and human QA processes to ensure the accuracy of the raw trial court data. The data comes directly from the courts, without any alterations by Trellis. This allows Trellis to spot trends like hotspots for certain case types, which can inform law firm strategy and policy implications.

As a newer legal tech company, Trellis initially had to overcome skepticism and get large firms to try their product. But steady growth has now built their credibility. Nicole Clark discussed the challenges of selling into the legal industry as a startup.

Trellis has exciting new AI capabilities in development that will leverage the trove of state court data they have aggregated. While widespread adoption of AI in legal is coming, though the timeline is uncertain. Clark predicts more law firm consolidation and AI startups but cautions against overestimating what legal tasks AI can solve.”

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