The Use Of AI For Legal Research In US Legal Teams

How can AI be used for legal research purposes by legal teams? 

Data has the potential to transform the global economy by offering insights that were previously considered to be impossible to reach. Among the many domains in which the value of data has proven to be invaluable, is the domain of legal research. A perfect example of this can be found in the United States (US), where in particular state court data has for long been inaccessible to legal practitioners. However, in more recent years, AI has offered promising potential to better equip practitioners with the necessary data to more adequately approach their cases and make more informed decisions in this regard.

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Getting a Competitive Advantage in State Courts with Nicole Clark, CEO of Trellis and Host Richard Levick

State Court Intelligence: Up until 2018, finding out how lawyers, motions and judges faired in state courts was a challenge. Now, thanks to Trellis, an AI and analytics company making state trial court records and legal data more transparent, general counsels can select counsel and strategies based on accurate records as clear as a baseball batting average. Join Trellis CEO Nicole Clark as she discusses how general counsels and law firms can use this as a competitive advantage.