An Ethical Artificial Intelligence: LegalTech in Southern California

Many are wary of artificial intelligence (AI). Even Elon Musk, the business magnet behind the push for autonomous vehicles, has expressed concerns about a world in which machines outpace humans. Musk is not alone. Legal practitioners are equally skeptical of the proliferation of artificial intelligence. Some point to their deployment in the criminal justice system. Courts and corrections departments across the United States now use algorithms to help determine a defendant’s risk of committing another crime or failing to appear for a court hearing. These algorithmic outputs (purchased from private businesses) inform decisions about bail, sentencing, and parole, raising concerns about the black-boxed nature of proprietary softwares as well as the hidden biases programmed into these technologies.

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A New Year Unfolds With Artificial Intelligence: Five Legal Tech Predictions for 2023

These legal tech predictions shine the light on ways AI-backed solutions will change the way legal services are delivered.

As the year comes to a close, the world looks quite different than it did in January. Constant uncertainty has become the new normal. Political turbulence, pandemic-era disruptions and rising inflation have pushed and pulled the legal sector in unforeseen ways. Fortunately, an ever-expanding array of technology solutions have already emerged to help attorneys navigate these new terrains.

Five Legal Tech Predictions

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